Improvement methods of stainless steel processing

In the production of stainless steel, we will encounter some difficulties, such as easy wear, high cutting strength, high cutting temperature, high viscosity in the cutting process, etc. These are caused by differences in materials and technology. Of course, if these problems are not solved, the finished products will be rough, worn and not suitable for rework. As a result, these products could not be sold, causing serious losses.

Now that you know the difficulties of stainless steel processing, let's see how to improve it.

The cutting strength mainly depends on the strength of different materials and types, which determines the cutting strength and plasticity. When processing these materials, we choose a process with higher strength than the material, which is not easy to cause stainless steel deformation, and can also reduce the cutting strength during cutting.

Stainless steel is not easy to conduct heat, so the contact between the tool and the workpiece during cutting will increase the temperature and make the tool wear faster. In fact, we can improve the processing temperature by slightly adjusting the material structure without changing the physical state of stainless steel.

There are several kinds of stainless steel. According to the cutting strength, there will be a certain viscosity between the process and the workpiece, so the processed products are very poor, especially easy to wear, and these viscosity will cause damage to the machine tool. Therefore, you can change the tool, adjust the speed and feed speed, and improve the damage of sticking tool through cooling.

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