When processing mold, because the use of mold is very wide, the working conditions of all kinds of mold are very different, so the manufacturing mold with a wide range of materials, the most widely used in mold materials is die steel. From carbon structural steel, carbon tool steel, alloy structural steel, alloy tool steel, spring steel, high speed tool steel, stainless heat resistant steel to special mold needs martensitic aging steel, powder high speed steel, powder high alloy die steel and so on. Die steel can be generally divided into cold work die steel, hot work die steel and plastic molding die steel three categories

Cold work mould

Cold work die steel is mainly used to manufacture moulds for pressing cold workpiece. Such as: cold punching die, cold stamping die, cold drawing die, stamping die, cold extrusion die, thread pressing die and powder pressing die. Cold work die steels range from various carbon tool steels, alloy tool steels, high speed tool steels to powder high speed tool steels and powder high alloy die steels. Cold work die steel is vacuum degassed and refined steel, with pure inner quality, good machinability, significantly improved cutting, good hardenability, air quenching and hardening is not easy to crack, excellent wear resistance, good toughness, can be used for stainless steel and high hardness materials punching die.

Hot-work die

Hot work die steel is mainly used to manufacture dies for pressure machining of workpiece under high temperature. Such as: hot forging die, hot extrusion die, die casting die, hot upsetting die, etc. The commonly used hot work die steel is: medium and high carbon alloy die steel with Cr, W, Mo, V and other alloy elements; High alloy austenitic heat resistant die steel is sometimes used to manufacture hot work die steel with special requirements.

Plastic mould

Because of the variety of plastic, the requirements of plastic products are also very different, the manufacturing of plastic mold materials also put forward a variety of different requirements. Therefore, many industrially developed countries have formed a wide range of plastic mold steel series. Including carbon structural steel, carburizing plastic die steel, pre-hardening plastic die steel, aging hardening plastic die steel, corrosion resistant plastic die steel, easy cutting plastic die steel, integral hardening plastic die steel, martensitic aging steel and mirror polishing plastic die steel.


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